The origins of San Pietro Vernotico dates back to the historical period before the Normans, the Otters of Germany and the invasions of the Saracens in Salento. The first settlements are around the present Church of St. Peter the Apostle erected by the Basilian Monks between the VIII and IX century AD, in an area rich in pastures. […] Documents from the Angevin-Aragonese era allow us to assume that the country was in the 12th century a country house belonging to the Lecce County. The first official document quoted by Saint Peter Vernotico dates back to 1107, when Countess Sighelgaita, widow of Goffredo Conte of Brindisi, gave some of his lands to a “Casale di San Pietro”. A more explicit reference to the country is in another historical document that dates back to 1133 when the Count of Lecce, Accardo, gave to the Bishop pro-tempore of Lecce the Church of Blessed Peter Apostle, named De Vernotico, together with Casale himself relevant. Even today, churches belong to the diocese of Lecce. Other documents of the twelfth century deal with the birth of the first Universitas Salentine, conceived as the first civic administrations, with mayor, auditors, parliament and captain: “Universitas Sancti Petri Vernotici” was born around 1300. According to some theses in the XI century, the Normans, in the sign of their domination, built the Baronale Castle in the country. Over time, therefore, around the Tower was formed the new center of social life of the country that first revolved around the Church dedicated to the Apostle Peter. San Pietro Vernotico, therefore, was no longer Universitas in 1812, but the Commune of the ancient province of Terra d’Otranto and later of Lecce. At this point, local history is confused with that of the Kingdom of Naples to the height of the independence wars and then the First World War (1915-18), in which 114 souls lost their lives, including Ruggero De Simone, decorated with Gold Medal for her heroic gesture. The second half of the nineteenth century is characterized by a series of interventions aimed at improving public life: the land reclamation of wetlands and ungulates, the construction of the railway Brindisi-Lecce and finally the barracks of the carabinieri. Between the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, San Pietro Vernotico recorded a further demographic increase due to the immigration of numerous brazenists from the low Salento. […] This phenomenon raised the average socio-economic level of San Pietro Vernotico, which in 1911 counted 6180 inhabitants. 1927 marks the passage of San Pietro Vernotico from the province of Lecce to that of Brindisi. On December 20, 1930, Vittorio Emanuele III, King of Italy, granted the “San Pietro Vernotico Municipality the right to use a Coat of Arms and a Municipal Gonfalone”.


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